Mandela Night

For the next few days my schedule revolved around when Ricardo was working. I strategically planned my meals at times when I knew he’d be there. His shift was 3pm-11pm. Britt and I would get up around 11am and hit the pool deck for some sun-tanning before heading for “breakfast” at 3pm with very hungry tummies.

“Lunch” was about 6pm and “Dinner” at about 9pm. Britt was always embarrassed because I would always request Ricardo’s section… Some of the time, she would walk a few steps behind while I got us a table. Thinking back on it now, he must have thought all we did was eat. Our “meals” lasted about 1.5-2 hours each! We would spend more than half of his shift sitting in his section.

As the week went on, Isidro and Ricardo asked if we wanted to go dancing in Centro, I was quick to respond with a NO! (That sounded more like an “Are you kidding me? Not a chance!” kind of NO!) Needless to say, the next night I was the one asking if they wanted to go dancing. Ricardo said yes and we planned to meet at the OXXO at 11:00pm. The Oxxo was a food mart that was conveniently off the Canto Del Sol grounds, and halfway to Ricardo’s bus stop to Las Palmas where he lives.

We waited…. and waited… and waited some more. I was super disappointed when I realized we had just been ‘ditched’ and was confused wondering how he snuck passed us to catch his bus. I thought to myself, *Typical* – the guys here are no different than the ones I’ve been interested in, in Canada. I picked up my pride off the dirty Mexican ground, caught a Taxi, and Britt and I were off for a *Night On The Town* to a local club – Mandela. No Guys. Just us girls, the way it should have been in the first place to avoid the disappointment.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between people.”

Thank You Britt for the Mandela Memory and forever giving me something to laugh about.

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