Canto Del Sol was amazing! I think Britt was wondering how the trip was going to turn out as much as I was. We hadn’t spent much time together leading up to our All Inclusive Vacation… However I soon learned all of those wonderful qualities about Brittany that I talked about in the last blog. We had SUCH a good time. We spent time sun tanning on the pool deck, trying to jump HUGE Pacific Waves (and almost drowning), we relaxed, we laughed A LOT, ate A LOT, and drank A LOT. We shopped, strolled the Malecon, caught the city bus which was quite the experience, and met great new friends. (Hola Miguel, Manuel, Jerry, Pedro, Isidro, and Ramirez)

It probably wasn’t until the second or third night that I met him. He came out of nowhere really, and so did my feelings. His name: Ricardo. Brittany and I were enjoying some drinks one evening and he was our server. He was serving with our newest friend Isidro, so conversation was easy though frustrating because he kept speaking to us in Spanish. Isidro helped translate for us a few times. I started folding the napkins on the table into little tuxedos and flowers like I used to do when I served back in the day. Ricardo would come over to the table and fold a napkin a different way and we went back and forth a few times showing each other a new “napkin fold”– that my friends is how it all started.

Who would have thought “Napkin Folding” would have been my “pick up line.”


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