The Journey Back to 2010 Starts Here

It all started at B’s house… A weekly ritual we had just started a few weeks prior.  We worked together at Rogers but weren’t friends to begin with.  2.5 years into working together we decided to plan an evening of reality TV since we were both reality junkies.

We gathered on the couch every Tuesday, enjoyed Subway Sandwich’s while watching The Biggest Loser together.  Our conversations grew longer every week as we shared our thoughts, dreams, and lives with one another.

It was about 3 weeks in as we talked about travelling… B had just told me about her previous 2 trips to Mexico she had taken within the last year.  I shared my love for travelling and my desire to see more countries.  It was then that we decided we were going to take our next vacation to somewhere we had never been before. ~*~Cuba~*~ was our deciding choice.

Weeks leading up to ~*~Cuba~*~ we started our countdown. 56 days…32 days…14 days.  Britt is the type of person any insecure girl dreams to be.  Confident, outgoing, fun, down to earth, easy-going and in my eyes; Worry & Care free.  Myself on the other hand… I’m quite the opposite.   With 2 weeks before the big vacation my heart raced every time I thought of plane tickets and the fact that we didn’t have any!

With little time left before the *departure day* I took a trip to speak with a travel agent, her name was Shae.  I told Shae our plans for Cuba, we went back and forth on the idea a few times until she convinced me that Cuba wasn’t the best choice at this time of year.  It was April, and the weather in Cuba was not looking promising.  She suggested Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I called Britt with much hesitation thinking it was not gonna fly.  Britt had already been twice in the past year and we both wanted to try something new… To my surprise she said SURE! (A prime example of her easy-going nature.)  Shae suggested Canto Del Sol, a smaller resort right on the beach.  One of the other travel agents in the office had just returned back from this resort and said it was a blast.   I told her to sign us up: after all, anywhere was going to be better than working.

And so it was, tickets were booked and we were on our way the next week!


5 thoughts on “The Journey Back to 2010 Starts Here

  1. I’m just starting to read your blog. I met my husband in PV while I was on vacation there in 2008. We have completed the PR process, and are married with 2 boys and live in Canada. I love your blog, brings back many happy memories for me.

    • Hey Suzanne!! That’s wonderful! How long did the PR process take back then? I hear it was much faster than it is now, although we aren’t in a rush at the moment. 🙂 – Do you have a blog as well? I’d love to follow it if you do! – did you ever live in Vallarta? where abouts in Canada do you live? LoL so many questions! thanks for stopping by 🙂

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